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Judy K's mixed feelings about the Christmas holiday in a playlist

Press & Playlists: Warmest Winter

Per Bjurman <3

So, while we were growing up Per Bjurman was one of the leading music journalists in Sweden. The fact that he’s chosen to show us love THREE times is just beyond our imagination!

Dec 5 2018 in DT

Dec 8 2018 in Aftonbladet

Dec 19 2018 in DT

”Runt en drömsk, vemodig och samtidigt knivskarp melodislinga spinner hon, tillsammans med producenterna Caroline Lanté och Hanna Ekström, en intagande modern, varm och intim ljudväv – och sedan blåser Linnea försiktigt huden av hela skapelsen med sin innerliga sångröst.


Dec 20 2018

“Mmmm…. this is dreamy….”

The music blog Merry and Bright keeps it short and to the point. <3

Dec 16 2018

The Von Pip Musical Express included Warmest Winter in  their Christmas Special! <3

Have a listen at Mixcloud!

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Dec 4 2018

Skope Magazine gave us a push! <3

Nov 30 2018

“Ellis sends up a flair into a gust of wintry strings and percussion.”

B-sides and Badlands get’s it! <3

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Nov 30 2018

We were ecstatic to find out that Warmest Winter got added to THREE of the New Nordic Indie playlists! And Linnea Ellis making the cover of one of them! Thank you! <3

Have a listen:
New Nordic Pop

New Nordic Friday

New Nordic Folk & Roots

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Nov 29 2018

Gaffa invited Linnea Ellis to their podcast! <3 Nice words were said, be sure to listen to it (it’s in swedish)!

Listen on Spotify

You can find the podcast at your podcast deliverer of choice!

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Nov 28 2018

“I love “Warmest Winter” by Linnea Ellis.  It makes me all goosebumpy.  I’m really surprised this isn’t on everyone’s playlist already.  I’ve got the darn thing on constant repeat.”

Stubby’s House of Christmas made our hearts melt with this review! Thank you! <3 

“Songs that can do that–make you reach inside yourself and lay all the secrets bare (even if they’re only secrets you were keeping from yourself)–songs like that are rare.  They are gold.” […] “…the music is absolutely stunning.  It’s a dreamy melody and the production is perfection (to repeat myself, not a single note or sound is wasted).  Dare to dance with her; you won’t regret it.”

Visit Stubby’s House of Christmas!

Nov 27 2018

“This little blurb, made us fall in love with ‘Warmest Winter’ from LINNEA ELLIS. What a way to acquire such a complete stack of emotions – raw, personal, penetrating with daggers. Wow. Kudos, Linnea. Kudos.”

Comeherefloyd just wrote the most effective review we’ve ever read! Thank you! <3

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